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Sharp Edge Lanyards



The Sharp Edge Lanyards developed by Miller offer workers the ideal solution when working near sharp edges. The range features many different combinations from fixed length to single adjustable lanyards, and double fixed length to double adjustable lanyards with a variety of different connector options. The Miller Sharp Edge Lanyards are versatile and suitable for a variety of fall arrest applications.

  • Manufactured from robust 12mm sharp edge rated Kernmantle rope.
  • Miller Sharp Edge Lanyards feature an external energy absorber which allows for visual indication of a sustained fall.
  • Available with a variety of connector options to suit different applications.
  • For use in fall arrest situations where the free fall doesn’t exceed 2mtrs.
  • When estimating free fall distances the extension of the energy absorber must be taken into consideration. The maximum energy absorber deployment is 1.75mtrs
  • Adjustable lanyards allows the user to minimise fall risks by adjusting the lanyard to suit the job
  • Manufactured out of robust Kernmantle rope for greater abrasion resistance.
  • Specially developed for working near sharp edges at height.
  • Provides superior abrasion resistance and the flexibility to suit many working applications.

    L11FEC2.0 Sharp Edge Lanyard Single Snap Hooks e/end 2 mrts
    L28FEC2.0 Sharp Edge Lanyard Single TAK e/end 2 mrts
    LA11FEC2.0 Adjustable Sharp Edge Lanyard Single Snap Hooks e/end 2mtrs
    LA28FEC2.0 Adjustable Sharp Edge Lanyard Single TAK e/end 2 mtrs
    LD10FEC2.0 Sharp Edge Double Lanyard Double SS TAK & Steel Scaff Hooks 2 mtrs
    LAD10FEC2.0 SE Double Adjustable Lanyard Double SS TAK & SteelScaff Hooks

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