Drum bund polyethylene – four drum


Store four 205L drums on this solid top drum bund with or without a wooden pallet to capture leaks, drips and spills.


  • The solid top drum bund allows pumps, compressors etc to be fixed onto the deck of the bund.
  • Chemical resistant polyethylene construction stands up to the harshest environments and chemicals.
  • Solid top drum bund is accessible on both sides with a forklift, even when loaded with four 205L drums.
  • Drums can be left on their wooden pallet for convenience.
  • Large flat deck allows smaller containers to be stored on the unit (16 x 20L drums on the deck).
  • Drum bund has three drain plugs in the sump for easy decanting of spilt liquid.
  • Improves productivity by providing a convenient, mobile, bunded option for drums.
  • Keeps personnel safe from accidental slips.
  • A solid top drum bund prevents liquids from contaminating factory floors, inventory or stormwater drains.
  • Reduces clean-up costs by containing spills for easier retrieval.
  • Helps organise your drum storage.
  • Segregate liquids for easy identification.
  • Makes handling drums safer and easier.
  • Optional drum bund covers are available and used to prevent ingress of rainwater into the bund.



Please note: portable bunding units are designed for secondary and temporary storage. If you are unsure on your storage compliance obligations, check with your local council or regulatory body.


Drum bunds are also known as bunded pallets, spill pallets, spill decks, hazmat bunds, chemical storage bunds, portable bunding systems, secondary bunding and sump pallets.

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